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Matt Simpson is an Entrepreneur & Program Manager with over 12 years of experience leading high-profile, complex, fast-paced, innovative programs & initiatives.  As a proven business leader, with demonstrated success delivering solutions in response to key business requirements, Matt has driven change within IBM, developing & deploying new technology to help the company achieve employee productivity & quality customer relationships.

Recently, in his role as Initiative Leader in the IBM CIO Organization, he was responsible for driving the programs to provide over 450,000 workers in IBM with real time collaboration, enabling them to instantly work with their colleagues. For example, when IBM needed a way to connect over 90 customers & business partners to its instant messaging environment, Matt led the program to implement a B2B Gateway, now estimated to deliver over $21M in yearly employee productivity.

Also, when workers needed to instantly share their screens with each other, Matt led the program to deploy an online meeting capability, resulting in millions of dollars worth of time savings. He also was the first to create and deploy online support for professional communities in IBM, so that they could manage their profiles, membership lists, and email distribution for over 300k workers. Named CommunityMap, this was a predecessor to IBM’s Connections Communities (IBM’s major social computing product and online portal).

Matt is extremely passionate about identifying new ways that people & companies can transform to achieve their potential. This has led him to function as an innovator, change agent, and catalyst for a wide variety of solutions, as well as a subject matter expert in the area of collaboration and social computing. This is because the online virtual workplace is the number one medium to drive behavioral change in a modern enterprise.

Matt doesn’t just oversee strategy and program status, but instead is closely involved with teams, driving requirements and providing direction to the programs & projects within his charter. This gives him a strong understanding of solutions ensuring successful programs as well as making him sought-after to support client briefings and to champion product and strategy.


  • Product or Service Development
  • Product or Service Deployment & Adoption
  • Innovation Lead
  • Business Transformation Strategy & Planning
  • Program/Product Manager or Director
  • Product Evangelist / Champion
  • Chief Technology Officer within Small Business
  • Interested in exploring new opportunities in any industry.


  • ABD  (All-But-Dissertation) as PhD Candidate, Clinical Psychology (studies discontinued)
    University of Ottawa,  School of Psychology, Ottawa, Canada
    Includes 5-year Fellow of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
  • Master of Arts, Psychology (1997)
    University of Ottawa, School of Psychology, Ottawa, Canada
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (1989)
    Southern Illinois University at Carbondale


  • Under Oak Enterprises, Inc. – Investing in franchises, and providing management services to start-ups.
  • Under Oak Therapeutic Massage of Needham, LLC – Developing an Elements Therapeutic Massage Studio in Needham, MA. (subsidiary of Under Oak Enterprises, Inc.)




  • Available upon request