Many times we get bogged down into a specific pattern or way of doing things, and we don’t have time to break out and make a change.  However, if we don’t give up, then we will eventually find a bit of time here and there to make progress, and achieve a breakthrough.

I hope this new blob template and this new look for this page is such a new breakthrough.  There’s something that feels right about the latest WordPress version running the Divio 2.0 theme from Elegant Themes.  And I think I’ve got a nice pattern to the front page that will at least keep me coming back.  (And isn’t that key?)

This started as a simple personal profile page, with a big photo and contact information.  And the blog content was parked in the background.  But I can try some blogging now and see how that goes.

I’m not a big blogger.  But occasionally, I would get an idea that I felt was worth saving, worth noting.  And that would trigger a blog posting.  But because I get little to no comments here, and Facebook in contrast gives me many, I would collect those idea in Facebook.  And honestly, some of those ideas and beliefs I would not necessarily want to publish to the whole world.

At least with Facebook, the concept isn’t searchable via Google (& Yahoo/Bing).  It was also not really searchable within Facebook either.  Instead, it was here today and gone tomorrow.  I could deleted it if I wanted to; It wasn’t stored on some search engine cache.

But, when I have something rather innocuous… Something that isn’t going to bite me in the tail if it were to come up later, perhaps it’s okay to post it here.