EDC is reporting (covered by eWeek) that millions of jobs will be created from the Cloud Computing industry.  When we think of the hassle associated with establishing on-prem services: procuring capital, deploying servers into production data centers, testing and installing applications, establishing disaster recovery, audit readiness, steady state support, etc. there is no wonder that the allure of the Cloud harkens future enterprise customers.  The Cloud can make all that easy for the company, no longer requiring on-prem deployment of servers within an in-house data center, supporting applications.  Instead, businesses can simply purchase solutions on a subscription basis (Software as a Service).

However, these solutions must be hosted on hardware somewhere… in a data center somewhere… supported as applications… etc.  And someone must provide that.

Also, as solutions are more easily provided in the cloud, it will be much more easy for service companies to act as business partners to these major clouds and SaaS offerings.  A company that is adept at engaging services within the cloud and customizing cloud-based solutions on behalf of the customer will be in high demand.